Bigg Boss Salman Khan is ready to shoot the premiere episode on October 1

Bigg Boss 14 premieres on TV next month. Producers and hosts Salman Khan of Bigg Boss 14 have planned to shoot the first episode, which opens on October 1 in Film City, Mumbai. Salman Khan is said to have returned to his Mumbai Bandra residence after spending several months on his Panvel farm in the lock. A Mumbai Mirror report quoted a source as saying: “Bigg Boss is set to air on Sunday, October 4th”. The premiere episode is usually taken one day in advance so that the participants’ identities can be kept under cover. However, these are unsurpassed times and therefore they will shoot three days in advance.

Salman Khan has reportedly allocated the entire shooting day. While the work on the set is almost complete, the manufacturers have decided to run the season from September to October so that they can have the best competitors in the house.

The previous report in Indian Express says that Bigg Boss 14 producers and crew behind the scenes have ensured that contestants get all the experiences they previously had in normal cases such as a movie outing, eating at a restaurant and shopping. Yes, you read that right! A source informed the portal that Bigg Boss 14 manufacturers have planned a small shopping center, cinemas, spas and restaurants inside the BB house. All these activities will be included in luxury tasks, competitors can win a chance to enjoy all these experiences in the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Bigg Boss 14th will once again see a mix of celebrities and half-known faces. Once they have signed a contract, they must be quarantined for a while before entering the show. The season will play a lot on “lockdown” and “social distancing”

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