Naagin 5 15 August 2020 Written Update

The episode begins with Dev thinking about where Brinda is while she is trapped in the temple and in pain. Brinda opens the door, says om and shivay. He comes to Dev and tries to get her out. Nam Namashivay says and you can get him out. He tells her that he will not allow anything to happen to her. Dev asks what this place is, this is not a lal tekri mandir. Brinda says she doesn’t know about this place, but it’s not a lal tekri mandir. Strong winds are coming. Brinda runs to Dev, who is hurt and in pain. He says he doesn’t let anything happen to him. Vish comes in there with Shalaka and keeps a knife in Dev’s neck.

Brinda begs him not to touch her and become a snake and try to bite her, but Vish becomes a snake and grabs him by the tail. Shalaka tries to do magic with Brinda, but the latter releases it and says your magic won’t work for me. Salaka says you did not come to save me when I was running away from these people and you did not look for me. Brinda says she had been looking for him everywhere and called him Nayantara. Dev says Nayantara. Salaka says she is mine and not this naagin. Vish catches Brinda in the magic ball and tells Salaka that they will tell them about the place and where they are. He tells us that he had read in an old book about this temple, that this temple appeared here 1000 years later. He says he knows what the secret of this temple is and tells him that Brinda can’t get him out of this temple.

Shalaka says I’m not naagin, but I know where nagmani is inside his body. He says on his forehead that’s why we’re going to kill him. Brinda asks him to do nothing. Vish states that today is the day of the sunshine and the moon will die and be red, and anyone who touches naagmani today will not live. Brinda claims that only the secret of this temple can save Dev. Salaka says no one can know the secret. Vish says human crores and nags tried to find out the secret, but they died. Dev understands the truth. Vish says he should die and asks Shalaka to make a decision. Salaka says he wants to find Naagmani and tells Dev that they can get as many as him, but only one agagani. Brinda shouts and tries to get out of Vish’s magic.

Vish says that as soon as the appearance of the deadly moon, your Dev will be dead. Salaka holds the key in his hand. Brinda says you can’t do anything. Vish asks who will help you. Brinda says Shs naagins and my ancestors will come to help me. He asks Shalaka not to touch Dev and asks him to leave her with Dev. He prays at Bholenaath and asks her to send Shesh naag and agin. He asks the naagins to come and keep his love.

Salaka is about to kill Dev. At that moment the fallen pillar was properly placed and the snake came out of it. The snake takes on a human avatar and there is none other than Shesha. Salaka asks who? Vish calls her Shesha and tells Brinda to call her her enemy. Greetings to Vish. Shesha comes and holds Vish in her stomach, telling her that she has repented after living in Naaglok and that is why she came to save the good and end the evil. Brinda asks Dev to stand up and try to bite Shalaka. Shalaka hides. Vish has healed the wound and is well again. He has two and asks how Shesha will deal with them. Shesha caught Vish both. Vish bites him and attacks Brinda. Dev stands up and says Brinda. Both Vish and Shalaka keep a knife in Dev’s forehead and try to take the naagmani. Vish says naagrani can save Dev, and has told him that he will never come away from naaglok. Shesha calls naagrani and asks her to come and break Vish’s ego. 5 head snakes are shown coming with a storm, a great wind coming. Vish was shocked. Naagrani Bela comes there, sits on the snake and another snake makes a crown on his head. Shesha and Brinda greeted with threatening hands. Bela says that Naagrani is the head of naagin and Vish says I kneel in front of Bela, but …. Bela says she is Najrani.

He said looking at Brinda and asking her not to worry, he told her that Shesha was with her and I had come too. He says it is enough to kill them both. Brinda runs to Dev. Bela tells Vish that she is a dark place in naaglok and tells Shalaka that she counts black people. He handles Shesha’s injury. Shesha says I tried. Bela says I know everything. He comes to Dev and tries to treat her. Vish’s attack. Shesha’s attack on him. Brinda sees another Vish that will attack Bela and kills another Vish. Shesha hits Shalaka and kills him. One of Vish is trying to escape.

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Naagin 5 is undoubtedly one of the most successful tv series. The Super Hit Drama series has successfully completed their 4th Seasons and now Ekta Kapoor is with season 5.

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